Madhubaanakadai Movie Review This New Drink Gives Some Kick!

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Published on May 26, 2015

Apart from the usual commercial flicks that often occupy the Tamil cinema space, a few different and quality movies pop up sometimes although not at a great frequency. Madhubaanakadai is one such rare film that the Tamil cinema audiences can watch. In this era where plot gets high concentration rather than the characters, debutant director Kamalakannan has chiseled Madhbaanakadai in such a way that the characters are given the maximum concentration. Although the plot of the movie is bleak, Madhubaanakadai is really a surprise outing that can satisfy a good number of audiences.

There is no meaty story in Madhubaanakadai. The movie just captures the scenario of a TASMAC bar on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi. The day has to be a liquor free day according to the government rule, but Madhubaanakadai tells the audiences what happens in reality on the eve of such a day. The movie also traces different characters associated with the bar and throws light on their lives in a detailed manner.
Debutant director Kamalakkanan needs a pat on his back, for the movie does not look like a mediocre work of a debutant director. Each and every shot of the movie does not give a feel of redundancy and that truly is the good work of the director.
Making a movie just relying heavily on the characters of the plot is something that does not happen often in Tamil cinema. However, the director has believed in his work and has crafted Madhubaanakadai giving life to his characters. Even though all are fresh faces, there seems to be no casting troubles in the movie.
Elements of reality make the plot in Madhubaanakadai. The plot takes place realistically in Perundurai, Erode district, which is something new to the audiences, who are used to the usual Madurai and Tirunelveli regions. The movie, however, is not perfect. The social commentary elements appear to be too preachy.

Overall, you will not regret tasting Madhubaanakadai, as the drink has some kick in it!

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