Maaveeran The Best Remake of the Year | Maaveeran movie review

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Published on June 7, 2011

Maaveeran  The Best Remake of the Year | Maaveeran movie review
Magadheera” the blockbuster Telugu hit is dubbed in Tamil. The producer and the director have taken great care not to spoil the original spirit of the movie. People who boast about all the Hollywood splendors should see this movie. World class is the word. Everything from the astonishing costumes to the grand palace sets and real life graphics give us a feel we are watching a million dollar Hollywood venture in Tamil. The next time some foreigner brags about their “Lord of the rings” and “Prince of Persia” we can very well mention this movie as their equivalent and even better.

The story starts with a usual “Once upon a time there lived a princess….” note. The film begins with a princess dying in pain and her lover trying to touch her hand in vain. The opulence of the film starts from the very first scene where both the lovers embrace death in a magnificent valley. The film switches to the current period immediately. Harsha, a cheerful biker is intimidated by some unknown feelings when he accidentally touches the hand of a girl standing in the bus stand. When he goes in search of her, Kajal Agarwal the girl who touched him starts to play games with him.

She does not reveal herself until the hero finds it himself after sometime. At the same time, Kajal Agarwal’s villain cousin enters the scene. Flattered by her beauty, he seeks the help of a ghostly old man, who reveals the incidents of his past life. Kajal Agarwal was a princess in her previous birth. She loves Parthiban the current Harsha, who works for her father. Parthiban belongs to a clan known for their bravery. He is very reluctant to accept the Kajal’s offer though he loves her deeply. Randheer the then and current villain is also in love with the princess.

After a series of interesting events, he manages to kill Kajal and is murdered by Parthiban in revenge. Both Harsha and Randheer starts competing for Kajal afresh in this birth too. After a dramatic climax, everything ends well and the lovers are united happily. The film is absolutely spectacular to watch. New twists and turns keep appearing in every scene. Mega star Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja is the hero. It’s amazing how talented he is. Don’t miss the movie at any cost. A perfect entertainer for anyone!


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