Maasaani Movie Review – The Ghost Lacks Horror!

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Published on March 12, 2015

Masani-Movie-Stills-1Just as the title indicates, Maasaani is a story about a ghost and all other flashback stories revelation and the return to normalcy. The movie has hit the screens recently in Tamil cinema, which has all elements of the horror flick that is very typical to the ghost and Amman flicks that released way back in the 90s. The execution of those elements has come as an utter failure, and eventually, the movie fails too.

Masani-Movie-Stills-5Maasaani is a story that takes place in an unfortunate village. A girl (Ineya), who belongs to a low caste, is loved by brother of a rich landlord in the village. However, he is stopped from marrying the girl by his sister – in – law (Roja). With the help of a few goons, his sister – in – law even manages to kill her, although she is carrying a baby. The girl now becomes a ghost as her desires get unsatisfied and haunts with village with murders and horror. What happens then and how the village returns to normalcy and the implementation of justice to the ghost forms the rest of the story.

The storyline, theme and all the detailed elements of Maasaani date back to the age of 90s. With such a tried and tested concept and a dated genre, directors Padmaraja and LGR try to work out something with all their might. However, their sloppy execution without any help from the predictable storyline ends up as a mere irritation to the audiences.

When it comes to the genre of horror, the ‘what happens next’ kind of sequences increases the interest quotient of the movie. Maasaani clearly lacks such sequences and there is hardly any horror scene in the movie. The graphics makes the already bad movie worse. Actor Ramki should definitely regret for choosing this movie for a comeback into cinema again.

Maasaani is sure to annoy all types audiences, even those who do not want logic in the movie!




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