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Published on February 27, 2015

Maan-Karate.Stills-11Maan Karate is also the latest flick of emerging actor Sivakarthikeyan who has come a long way from his earlier profession of a standup comedian in Television shows. The movie shows that Sivakarthikeyan has matured as an actor but other than that Maan Karate has nothing else to offer to the audiences. Director A R Murugadoss has written the story for Maan Karate but the scripting work and the screenplay by director K Thirukumaran does not do justice the story and gives nothing but disappointment to the audiences.

Maan-Karate.Stills-11Maan-Karate.Stills-11Five friends take a trip to a forest and meet a mystic. The mystic offers the five friends a boon. They ask for a newspaper which tells them the future in advance so that they can use this power to make quick money and get rich without bending their backs. They test their boon and they get surprised to find that it works for sure. With this power they woe Peter (Sivakarthikeyan) to participate in a boxing competition knowing that he can with the tournament and earn two crore rupees of price money for them. However, Peter is in love with Yaazhini (Hansika Motwani) and what surprises come up forms rest of Maan Karate.

Maan-Karate.Stills-11Maan-Karate.Stills-11Maan-Karate.Stills-11Maan Karate starts off with a fantasy kind of beginning but soon the movie turns out to be the usual Tamil cinema with the tried and tested romance track and already seen characterization for the lead role. Sivakarthikeyan, as usual, puts forth his comical one liner dialogues, which gives the audiences a bit of laughter. However, as the movie progresses the script becomes very weak.

The boxing scenes are very important in terms of the script but the scenes have been directed in quite a bad way. The sporting actions in movies should deliver a punch and force and but in Maan Karate they are missing. The climax too is very lame.

Overall, Maan Karate is not worth the money and time!



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