Maalai Poluthin Mayakathilaey A Different Attempt but not Great

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Published on April 12, 2015

People already have started saying that Tamil cinema industry is evolving and is already going through a transition phase. Although the typical commercial cinemas still work big time in the box office, a good number of movies that mark a difference from the regular ones are coming out frequently in Kollywood nowadays. Debutant director Narayan Raghavendra Rao’s Maalai Poluthin Mayakathilaey is one such different attempt, which looks like what the western cinema fans call an Indie movie or an independent movie. With a meager budget and a not so popular cast, director Narayan has tried to do something different, but still his work fails to do wonders!

Almost all the scenes of Maalai Poluthin Mayakkathilaey happen in a coffee shop. Ajay aspires to be a filmmaker, and, forced by certain circumstances he enters into a coffee shop. There he meets Jiya and he falls for her at the very first sight. Along with these two, there is a failed writer, a married couple and the coffee shop owner and his two workers in the coffee shop. What happens to all these characters and how their lives change in just two hours?

Maalai Poluthin Mayakkathilaey has a short runtime of less than two hours, but still fails to keep the audiences interested throughout the run time of the movie. The pace of the movie plays the spoilsport and makes the movie look like an opera soap.

Director Narayan fails to sketch an interesting characterization, and even the lead characters appear to be unclear with their motives in the movie. While this seems to be a big problem, another one is the dialogues. Good drama flicks have too many dialogues, but not like the ones in this movie. The dialogues in each and every scene tend to give the audience a message. This preachy stuff does not sound appealing to the movie watchers.

However, the good things like the music and the camera work and the sensible acting of movie cast makes Maalai Poluthin  Mayakkathilaey a onetime watch!

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