Laments of a frustrated Sonaksi Sinha

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Published on January 26, 2015

Sonakshi Sinha is all set to pair against the iconic star Kamal Haasan in his latest venture Viswaroobam. Hurray! Good news!!! But the sad part is she has signed for the film and is still waiting to be called for shooting. Sonakshi, hoping to be called in the month of May says she has wasted an entire month allocating dates for Kamal. So, has the team forgotten Sonakshi after taking her call sheet?

Sonakshi Sinha is Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter. Apart from the luck of being chosen to star opposite popular heroes, guess our heroines have to pray for luck to start shooting the film as well. See what is happening to dear Deepika Padukone. After having signed for Raanaa opposite Superstar Rajnikanth, she is still waiting to start shooting.

Unlike Deepika whose film Raanaa made it to the first day of shooting, dear Sonakshi is still waiting to be called to the sets. So, what exactly is happening to Viswaroobam? As far as we can see, none of the major casts are in the hospital.

Apparently, the shooting is postponed because of various issues. There was a rift between director Selvaraghavan and Kamal Haasan. Then there were problems with the visa. The director issue was resolved. Kamal took charge of director post too. In the midst of all this, much to Sonakshi’s relief, she gets a message saying they will be leaving shortly to London to start shooting. Then again Silence!!! Dear Sonakshi is still waiting for someone to get in touch with her and talk to her about the trip.

A visibly upset Sonakshi laments that after giving her entire call sheet to Kamal, which she had incidentally reserved for a Hindi film, she expects the small courtesy of being informed about any change of plans. She said that they should at least call her to keep her informed of the present status of the film. With one month of her precious time wasted, Sonakshi is wondering on her next course of action.

Someone should suggest to Sonakshi she should at least find out if the film is still on cards, or have they have found another female lead??? Well, what is it; we would all like to know….


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