KV Anand next project Anegan – Danush with Amyra Dastur

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Published on February 9, 2015

Anegan_posterWe all know that actor Dhanush is doing two movies right now and one out the two is with director K V Anand. The movie has been tentatively titled as Anegan, and the title, which the sources close to the movie unit say, has something to do with the story and theme of the movie. And another interesting thing is that, director K V Anand has roped in a new actress called Amrya Dastur, who is going to debut in Tamil cinema with Anegan. For your information, Amyra Dastur is just one movie old in Hindi cinema industry, whose debut movie is Issac.

The pretty young Amyra was available to share a few details about the Anegan, which has been into the making now since a week. Asking about the shooting experiences in Tamil cinema industry, Amyra said that she did not find any difference between working in a Tamil cinema and in a Hindi cinema. The actress added that the movie crew in both the industries work to achieve the desired results on screen and even the amount of the work is also more or less the same.

Talking about her role in Anegan, Amyra revealed that director K V Anand had sent her a bunch of Tamil movies released in 1980s mainly of Rajnikanth‘s and Mani Rathnam‘s when she was in Mumbai before she began shooting. She continued that it was sent the director to make her understand the body language and looks of a typical South Indian actress in a better way. Amyra further added that director K V Anand made her clear that the heroines in Hindi cinema do not express love the way South Indian actresses do it on screen. That was the main reason why director K V Anand made her to observe the popular south Indian actresses of 1980s closely.

Amyra, however, refused reveal the details of her role and even Dhanush’s. The actress only concluded that she and Dhanush play multiple roles in the movie and even the posters released so far only reveal a fraction of details!




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