Kutti Puli Movie Review – Same Formula Cannot Be Applied every time!

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Published on February 18, 2015

Kutti-Puli-Stills-10 Kutti Puli is a latest movie released in Tamil cinema industry that stars actor – director Sasikumar in the lead role with his handpicked assistant M Muthaiah doing the direction this time. Sasikumar has the credits of making the classic Subramaniapuram and later he concentrated more on acting as a lead role in movies. The recent Sundharapaandian is a good example that Sasikumar is gaining momentum as a commercial hero. However, his movies so far have been following the same sentimental theme with a mix of betrayal, romance and comedy on the soils of Madurai. Kutti Puli is not indifferent in terms of theme, but the only difference is it fails to work!

Here is the plot of Kutti Puli. Kutti Puli (Sasikumar) is a happy man and is very attached to his family. His mother (Saranya) wants his son to get settled in life by marrying a good girl. Kutti Puli, who is a macho man and has courage to do anything, has no interest in love or marriage. However, as soon as Bharathy (Lakshmi Menon) enters into his life, his view on love and marriage changes and he soon hooks up to Bharathy. In the meantime, he also earns some enemies in his village, who want to kill him. Can Kutti Puli take them on?

A wafer thin plot, very predictable screenplay and an overdose of action in addition to too much emphasis on showing Sasikumar as a mass hero lets down Kutti Puli to dead bottom. The director of the movie, M Muthaiah, keeps the first half of the movie engaging with a mix of comedy, sentiment, love and so on.

After the interval break, Kutti Puli gets dragged too much with many songs occupying a considerable portion of the runtime. In addition, the punch dialogues and too much emphasis on the lead role annoy the audiences further. It all boils down to one gory and blood filled climax, just as everyone watching the movie predicted.

Kutti Puli is not a usual content – filled Sasikumar entertainer that you can bet for!

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