Krishnaveni Panjaalai Movie Review – Good in Bits but not Altogether

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Published on February 5, 2015

The Late 1980s Period Flick
Krishnaveni Panjaalai is a drama set in Udumalpet, which deals with the lives of the mill workers, their happiness, their sorrows, the love and everything. The movie is also a period flick, with its story happening in the late 1980s, which was a dreadful timeline for the mill workers, when most of the cotton mills got shut down. It is every direction aspirant’s dream to start off the journey of filmmaking with a period flick. The debutant director Dhanapalan Padmanabhan is indeed very lucky to start his direction career with Krishnaveni Panjaalai.

Krishnaveni Panjaalai Story
Kadhir (Hemachandran) works in a cotton mill called Krishnaveni Panjaalai. He has affection for another co-worker in the mill, Poonkothai (Nandana). When Poonkothai responds to his affection, the affection soon turns into love. However, the mill owner (Shanmuga Raja) is madly in love with Poonkothai. In the meanwhile, the industrial scenario changes a lot and soon Krishnaveni Panjaalai faces a strike of its workers. The strike soon becomes a mess as the mill gets shut down, and in the middle of this mess, everything becomes tough for the mill workers. Kadhir and Poonkothai are at the verge of losing their love as they do not find any support to lead their lives. What happens at the end?

1980s style of Udumalpet
The director, Dhanapalan Padmanabhan, has done a great job in capturing the 1980s style of Udumalpet. His scenes perfectly echo the problems of the mill workers and other social problems like the caste bias of 1980s. However, the screenplay, altogether, still lacks something that would have lifted the movie to a higher standard. Song interruptions in the middle of the flow of the story too do not go well with the movie watchers.

The Verdict of Krishnaveni Panjaalai
Krishnaveni Panjaalai has a large cast, but many characters have nothing to do except just appearing for a few minutes. However, both Hemachandran and Nandana have done a decent job in portraying the lead roles. Cinematography is surely a treat for movie watchers in this movie.

Overall, Krishnaveni Panjaalai is good in bits, but not altogether, as the screenplay could have been better.

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