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Published on June 11, 2015

komban-Karthi-Lakshmi-menonKomban the latest released movie has much of problems before it released. Tamil Cinema faces lot of difficulties. Tamil Cinema side they said censor board gives lot of issues when censoring. However the real fact is after censor the movie faces lot of problems from politicians. Komban is such movie faced lot of difficulties and producer Gnanavel Raja tears  in press meet because of these problems.

At last Komban released and getting lot of positive accolades. Karthi comes back with his Paruthi Veeran track. Komban the real village characters, dialogues, the new view on cinematography and excellent stunt by Dhilip subburayan. GV Prakash kumar came with excellent tunes and background music.

Karuppu Nerathazhagi – Komban Video Song Excellent Tune by GV Prakash kumar

Rajkiran as usual not acted he lived with character. Heroine Lakshmi menon perform excellent as usual. Only minus point this movie lot of blood and violence.


Here is Tamil Comedy Actor Baasky reviewing the Komban

Komban is a 2015 Tamil action comedy-drama directed by M. Muthaiah and produced by Studio Green. The film stars Karthi and Lakshmi Menon with G. V. Prakash Kumar composing the film’s music.

Kambikara Vetti Video Song from Komban

  1. srk

    Enna,vaa ella polaa nu nakkal adegrega Mr.Boskey! nega mattum avaa
    ,athuku,varvaa,poova,varchaa,pogachaa nu Sollu llam village salang pasanaa
    nakalla !!ungaluku naa rathaam engaluku naa thaklaichuttyneyaa!!! Please
    give the proper review of the flim don’t imitate other culture 

  2. Sathya Ram

    I think the movie was great. And the fact that karthi is able to fight
    everybody,what bosskey is focussing on is the reason why he’s called komban
    and the village supporting him. Please bosskey do not reveal too much of
    the scenes. And the violence portrayed is very apt because its how it
    happens in places like ramanathapuram. The last scene where rajkiran was
    “robot like” according to bosskey. Was acting brilliance. ‘Khali attam’ is
    exactly like that .I suggest you do a background check before plainly
    putting down your fact.A brilliant effort by the komban team. Mr bosskey
    have been a fan of your reviews,this wasn’t your day.

  3. Karthikeyan Jagannathan

    For Bosskey Kamal is the only HERO….pothum sir …..Karthi rocks in this

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