Kollywood Beauties Trisha and Nayanthara Patch up after a Long Fight

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Published on January 27, 2015

The Kollywood industry, just like any other film industry, has witnessed many fights between the celebrities. Not only the actors with mass fan following, but also leading ladies of the industry, have indulged in disgusting yet interesting fights for a long time. In recent times, the fight between the top heroines of Kollywood, Nayanthara and Trisha, has been getting much attention from the media and other stars in the industry. Both the stars have criticized the other indirectly many times and have done things to take a dig at each other. However, the long ugly spat is now over, as reports claim that the two stars have buried the hatchet!

It seems as if the miracle had happened in a private party, which took place at a friend’s house, who is a mutual friend for both the sizzling actresses. Both Trisha and Nayanthara attended the Filmfare Awards, which was given away recently. Nayanthara stayed for a few days in her home in Chennai in order to attend the award ceremony. Nayanthara, in fact, got the best actress award for her performance in a Telugu movie. After the award ceremony ended, both of the actresses went for a part hosted by their friend.

In the party, Trisha, according to the sources, was the first to break the ice between her and Nayanthara. It seems as if she went up to Nayanthara to greet her and started talking to her. The sources also claim that soon both the actresses hugged each other and greeted each other with a formal kiss. For the people gathered in the party, the sight of Trisha patching up with Nayan came up as a beautiful shock. The sources also add that both the heroines spent time together for that entire night talking and sharing their ideas on various things!

Both Trisha and Nayanthara, recently, did hug in public showing that they have patched together after a long fight that started with the casting problem in the Vijay starrer Kuruvi years aback!


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