Kolaiveri Anirudh Apologies to Actress Andrea Jeramiah

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Published on March 30, 2015

Anirudh-Ravichander-1Young music composer Anirudh and Andrea was once the most talked about pair in Tamil cinema industry. There was no suspicion on their relationship until a few pictures of them leaked on the Internet, which showed both of them kissing and hugging each other tightly. The pictures went viral and spread the news that the young music composer and the beautiful actress are in a relationship. Kollywood followers, even the industry insiders, were shocked completely, as Anirudh is easily six years younger than actress Andreah Jeremiah.

More fuel was added to the fuel, when actress Andrea admitted that both she and Anirudh were on a relationship and it was natural to behave that way when someone is in a relationship. However, the Vishwaroopam actress suggested that the relationship is no longer in existence now as they broke up after some time. Referring to the pictures leaked on the Internet, the actress told the media that they were old pictures and that she and Anirudh are not in a relationship anymore. While Andreah’s comment marked the end of a shocking and sensational story in Kollywood sometimes ago, now Anirudh has offered apologies to Andrea!

Anirudh Ravichander
Taking to a media personnel in an interview, young Anirudh told that he and Andrea were in a relationship once but that did not work out well. When asked what he would say to Andreah if he had a chance to meet and share a few words with her, the Kolaveri Di composer replied that he would thank her for being a companion to him for at least some time in his life. He further added that he would also apologize to her for not being able to continue the beautiful relationship and for controversial photo leak.

Well! Will Andrea still be listening to his words?!  

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