Kerala Naatilam Pengaludane Movie Review No Brain Entertainment!

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Published on February 5, 2015

Kerala Naatilam Pengaludane is one of the latest movies to hit the screens for Tamil cinema audiences. The movie is a directorial attempt of less known music director S S Kumaran. S S Kumaran seems to have stick to the idea of making a comical entertainment cinema without caring much for the storyline or screenplay logic. May be the recent hits of such brainless comedies in Tamil cinema industry would have inspired the director to make Kerala Naatilam Pengaludane.

Kerala-Nattilam-Penkaludane-1Unnikrishnan, or shortly called as Krishnan, is looking to marry and settle in his life. His father is from Kerala and his mother is from Tamil Nadu. His father wants him to marry a Malayalee girl to prove his love for his Malayalam culture but his mother wants him to marry a Tamil girl for the same reason. The circumstances that follow end up in such a way that three girls are eager to marry Krishnan and him meeting all the trouble and dilemma regarding the choice. What happens at the end and who he marries forms the end of the story.

Kerala-Nattilam-PenkaludaneKerala Naatilam Pengaludane is good in bits but very bad mostly. The movie’s screenplay has been structured in such a way that the audiences who care for logic and sense are clearly disappointed. At many places, the director has not given clear explanation for how things happened. The climax of the movie too ends in a hurry abruptly and it further annoys the audiences.

However, there some character roles that will clearly entertain the audiences here and there in the movie coming as good relief. The camera work and music of the movie too are not bad and try to keep the audiences engaged as much as possible.

Overall, Kerala Naatilam Pengaludane is for people who will not care for logic!


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