Keeripulla Movie Review – Somebody save the Audiences!

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Published on May 15, 2015

Keeripulla Yuvan and Disha PandeyNo cinema industry delivers constantly good cinemas and a few completely pathetic works often pop up and reduce the taste of the cinema viewers. Tamil cinema industry too is not an exception, for which the industry witnesses movies that do not have value in production and in content either. Often, the movies by the debutant directors, who have not mastered the trade of cinema, easily fall into this category of cinema. The recently released flick, Keeripulla, too gets into this dubious league of cinemas for its pathetic story and screenplay.

Here is the plot of Keeripulla. Keeri (Yuvan) has no job to do for a living and to make ends meet he steals and robs. He learns that his guardian angel was killed and raped during her life time and he wants to take a revenge on the wrongdoers. He makes it successful in killing them, but gets caught within the range of police. He also falls in love meanwhile with a girl called Sandhya (Disha Pandey), but he has to run always to get away from the police. Durai (Firose Khan) comes to their rescue, but can they get away from the cops forever?

Keeripulla Yuvan and Disha Pandey
Even for ardent movie flicks, the plot of Keeripulla might not sound an interesting or a meaty one. However, the director could have made up with his screenplay and dialogues and the audiences are disappointed when that too does not happen on the screen.

Keeripulla Yuvan and Disha Pandey
Keeripulla Yuvan and Disha Pandey
The director, Firose Khan, tries to add the element of reality in his screenplay. Hence, puts almost all his characters in shades of grey. However, his move backfires, since the characters are poorly written and the actors too do not uplift the mood with their performances.

Yuvan, who acted as a student in Saattai, has played the lead role in Keeripulla, but the young lad has a long way to go before making it big in big screen!


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