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Published on April 28, 2015

Released on March 13, 2014, Katham Katham is a Tamil action thriller written and directed by Babu Thooyavan. Produced by G. Kartik, Mrs. A. Mushthari, and Appu Movies, the film revolves around a good cop who is  compelled to work under a bad cop.

Katham Katham stars Natarajan Subramaniam (Natty), Nandha, Sharika, and Sanam Shetty in the lead roles, while the rest of the cast comprises Singamuthu, Crane Manohar, Soundar, and Nizhalgal Ravi. The cinematography has been handled by U.K. Senthil Kumar and the music has been composed by Taj Noor. The editing table has been manned by S. B. Raj and Muthulakshmi Varadhan.


Police protagonists in Tamil cinema have always been an embodiment of incredible perfection. These cinema police are invariably righteous, big-hearted, and handsome. Katham Katham is refreshing as we get to see Inspector Pandian (played by the overly charming Natty) who is the policeman you are almost certain to meet while holding your beloved’s hand in a public garden. He is corrupt, accepting bribes, striking deals with criminals, and sleeping with sex workers. On the contrary, sub-inspector Nandha is honest and upright. The director might have tried to portray Nandha as the protagonist, but Pandian is the real star who keeps the scenes moving and the viewers entertained. The audience also grows a strange weakness towards the corrupt inspector.

Among the many flaws of Katham Katham, the biggest is the music. Now and then, the movie gets disturbed by an insipid song with sickening visuals. The film lacks a truly menacing villain and some crucial sense of respect towards women. Katham Katham could have been a much better movie, had it not glamorized negatives throughout. The director also needed to avoid the temptation of including all kinds of commercial elements that have eventually degraded the quality of the film.

Katham Katham Too much of Glamorizes Negatives

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