Karuppampatti Movie Review – An Inconsistent Commercial Family Drama!

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Published on May 27, 2015

Karuppampatti movie review at dailomoKaruppampatti is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry this weekend. The movie has been directed by debutant director Tha. Prabhu Raja Cholan, who was once an associate director to the noted filmmaker Shankar. Karuppampatti also has actor Ajmal playing the lead role for the first time in his Tamil cinema career. Earlier he played roles with shades of grey in Tamil movies like Anjaathey and Ko. Karuppampatti is a family drama with all elements of commercial gloss, but the inconsistency in the writing lets the movie down.

Karuppappatti Movie Review at DailomoKaruppappatti Movie Review at DailomoKaruppampatti happens in two places. One is the place, which is nothing but the title of the movie, and the other is France. Manohar (Ajmal) is an arrogant youngster in the village, and luckily, he gets a seat in a reputed institution in Chennai. His father is more than happy to stake his land to arrange money for Manohar’s study. After reaching Chennai, Manohar is into drugs and loses his way. Cut to the present, Manohar is in death bed and wants his son Kothai Cocopardo (Ajmal) to do something good for his family residing in his home village Karuppampatti, since he owes them a lot. Can the son finish off the debts of his father?

Karuppappatti Movie Review at Dailomo
Karuppampatti has nothing new in the plot but still the family elements in the plot could have been used to create an impact. The plot might share its theme with the movies like Love Aaj Kal and Chikku Bukku, but the director Tha. Prabhu Raja Cholan tries to present the story in a new color. The freshness factor works just the way the director wishes to, but the inconsistency and logical errors in his writing negates the positive notes.
Karuppappatti Movie Review at Dailomo
Ajmal has understood his responsibility and has delivered powerful performances in both of this roles and actress Aparna Bajpai has little to perform in the movie.
Karuppappatti Movie Review at Dailomo
Overall, Karuppampatti is not a must watch type, but the fans of family drama can have a time pass!


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