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Published on January 26, 2015

Karungali Movie Review
We have seen heroes toning their body to get six pack and losing weight in months to fit their character in the movie. Anjali is the show stealer in this movie “Karungali”. Anjali had put on weight and used minimum makeup to look exactly like a home maker. She plays the role of an immature village girl, desperate to have a child and taunted by a psychic villain who promises to make her wish come true.

The movie is disturbing to watch at many places. The director of the movie Kalanjiyam had taken a unique script and messed it a bit by the way he directed it. The movie is a sexy thriller, dealing with the main villain Ravi played by Kalanjiyam himself. The movie has two other heroines along with Anjali, doing their role equally well.

Anjali plays the role of Amudhanila a typical village girl married to Srinivas playing the role of Gunasekharan. Anjali tries hard to bear a child, but in vain. Suddenly, Ravi enters their life claiming to be their doctor’s assistant. He persuades Amudhanila in various ways to accept him as her ‘Tablet’ which will give her a child. Ravi has a dirty past. The first part of the film shows him saving a young doctor Kanimozhi from a life threatening accident. The doctor decides to marry him. But, her parents object her decision telling her that he is a sex psycho who had murdered his childhood lover who was blindly in love with him and the boss who trained him to become a drug dealer.

Due to some mysterious reason known only to the director, the educated and beautiful Kanimozhi choose to marry him, in spite of all his flaws. She marries him after he completes the six year jail sentence for his crimes. Back from prison, Ravi learns about Amudhanila from his doctor wife who is treating her and plans to abduct her from her loving husband.

Both Anjali and Asmitha play the victims role beautifully. It is a shame we go for Mumbai heroines when we have such talented actresses here. Kalanjiyam himself scores as a good villain. Sunitha Verma and Srinivas do their role well. Srikanth Deva for music does an average job. This is a sexy thriller which will serve as a worthy competition to Veppam an underworld thriller.

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