Karimedu Movie Review – Violence, Dirt and Nothing else!

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Published on January 26, 2015

Karimedu-Movie-Stills-1 Karimedu is a latest movie in Tamil cinema industry to hit the screens this week. The movie is actually a dubbed version of Kannada movie Dandupalya, which has been directed by Srinivasa Raju. The movie released in the year 2012 in Kannada cinema industry and the movie is known for its intense violence and many scenes and characters filled with the shades of grey. The movie, which is based on some true incidents, has been dubbed and violent and the explicit contents in the movie are certainly not for family viewing.

Karimedu-Movie-Stills-2Karimedu is a dubbed flick, but the Tamil version is set to take place in the city of Madurai. There are a bunch of criminals who associate themselves with all the violent and dirt activities like murder, rape, and sleaze and so on. The movie is all about these criminals, what they do and how they do and whether they escape from the cops’ eyes. Not surprisingly, a tough cop gets the job of nailing these criminals down and the rest of the part tells the audiences whether the criminals get caught or not.

Karimedu comes up with a message that tells the audiences to take care of their lives in urban areas, which is prone to a lot of criminal activities like robbery, murder and rape and so on. The director portrays all these criminal activities in true color, which has resulted in intense violence and explicit content spread throughout the run time of the movie. Actress Nisha Kothari and actor Raghu have a small romance track to play in the middle of this dirt, but soon they fall victims to the bunch of criminals.

There have been many movies that had subjects that deal with a lot dirt and shades of grey. A best example can be Aaranya Kaandam. Karimedu, however, concentrates only on the grey shades and offers no interesting sequences to audiences, which certainly makes all types of viewers feel disgusted at the end of the flick!





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