Kanpesum Vaarthaigal Movie Review – Doesn’t Talk as Advertised!

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Published on May 23, 2015

Kanpesum-Vaarthaigal-1    Kanpesum Vaarthaigal is one of the latest movies to get released in Tamil cinema industry. Kanpesum Vaarthaigal has an interesting cast, which stars actor Senthil Kumar in the lead. For your information, Senthil Kumar plays the lead role in the ongoing television serial called Saravanan Meenatchi in Vijay TV. The serial is quite popular among the television viewers and hence Kanpesum Vaarthaigal has garnered some attention thanks to its promotion. The movie, however, does not seem to work well and has its fair share of flaws all through its runtime.

Kanpesum-Vaarthaigal-3  Kanpesum-Vaarthaigal-2Here is the plot of Kanpesum Vaarthaigal. Mahesh (Senthil Kumar) is a badminton player, but his family demands him quit his sport and earn something to get a move on in life. Mahesh approaches his friend Appukutty (Murugesan) to get him a job and he is taken to Singapore. Just as he wished, Mahesh earns a fortune in Singapore and also follows a girl called Janani (Iniya). Janani is not interested at first in Mahesh, but later falls for his good heart. Just when things fall in place for Mahesh, his lover gets deported from Singapore. What follows next forms the rest of the plot.
Director R Balaji tries to work a magic with a usual plot, but his unclear characterization of his characters does not help him achieve what he wanted. The level of abstraction on the plot changes from time to time. At times, too much detail is present and at times the director does not care for them even on a big scale. This annoys the audiences.
Senthil Kumar impresses with good comic sense in his scenes with actor Murugesan. However, the actor has a long way to go before becoming a capable performer in emotional scenes. Iniya does her role well but the lack of clear writing makes a character a dud.

Overall, Kanpesum Vaarthaigal does not talk as promoted.

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