Kanden We do not see the magic | Kanden movie review

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Published on June 10, 2015

Kanden  We do not see the magic | Kanden movie review

Kanden is a simple love story. The one we have seen numerous times before. The hero goes beyond his limits to impress his lady love. The girl avoids him like plague when she finds out everything between them was a lie. The story depends upon the hero and heroines charm solely. Very slow and confusing script is a great minus point for the film. The heroine Rashmi Gautham is cute to look with Kadhal Sandhya’s face cut.

Shantanu Bhagyaraj has lot of talents. He has a cute innocent look, can dance and make people laugh. But he should start choosing films wisely. Remember the disastrous Simbu in “Kadhal Azhivadhillai”. Shantanu looks exactly the same in this movie. The boy has charisma. Hope he will get good chances in the future.

Shantanu and Santhanam try their level best shoulder the story. Shantanu is a young boy, waiting for the love of his life. His grandfather forces him to marry within a month. Finally our hero gets impressed with a girl and start acting blind to win her love. It happens that her father turns out to be the Police Commissioner. He dislikes the boy from the first sight. The hero’s drama is revealed just before the marriage and the heroine dumps him. He tries different plots to convince the girl with the help of Santhanam. Santhanam’s comedy is a great plus point to this movie. He plays a prominent role in the movie.

The hero loses his eyesight in the later part of the film in a fight. The lovers face various difficulties throughout the film. The climax of the story is utterly silly. We have seen it in numerous comedy films way before twenty years. Music by Vijay Ebenezer doesn’t impress us much. The film has so many minus points rather than plus points. But we have to agree the hero did a neat role. Tamil cinema roars with numerous national awards and mesmerizing ventures on one side, while a steady stream of such formula movies also keep emerging. The debut director A.C. Mugil had failed pathetically in his first venture.

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