Kandadhum Kanadhadhum Movie Review

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Published on January 29, 2015

‘Oh My God’ would be the very first reaction that would be coming out, if anyone just reads the line of the story of Kandadhum Kanadhadhum. The movie directed by Seelan finds no base in the story and lacks good substance.  Hence, eventually, the movie fails in garnering the appreciation of the audiences even for a single scene.

Here is the pathetic story of Kandadhum Kanadhadhum. Mukil (Vikash) and Kavitha (Suvashika) are college goers and a friendship grows between them. Predictably, their friendship turns into love. However, Mukil has a strange habit. He gets himself immersed in whatever he reads. One day, Mukil reads a porn book and gets himself deep into the book reading. Unfortunately, Kavitha comes to his home at that time. Mukil, who, lost in the book reading, is not aware of the real world situation and begins molesting Kavitha! Now, how does this cheap incident change the lives of Mukil and Kavitha?

A movie is a director’s brainchild and he owns the ultimate responsibility for everything in the movie. It really appears unbelievable how the director, Seelan, had the guts to roll out the movie on floors with a baseless storyline. When the base is not right, everything else becomes a mess. This has what, exactly, happened in Kandadhum Kanadhadhum. The plot is poor and everything else fails eventually.

The screenplay is nearly pathetic to the story of the movie. Seelan has attempted to save the movie with Soori, who appears as the comedian. However, his poor attempts of wit making fail miserably and leave the audiences in annoyance. The cinematography and the music in the movie are equally bad just like the story and the screenplay.

If you want to know any positive aspects of the movie, it is the runtime, which is well under two hours, and you have to thank the director, seriously, for that!


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