Kamal Hassans Vishwaroopam release in DTH will be futuristic survival concept for Tamil Cinema

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Published on May 17, 2015

Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan’s movies used to get all sorts of trouble before release either for its content or for some new approach enforced by the actor – filmmaker. This time for his latest flick Vishwaroopam, it is the second thing that has happened. The release of his one hundred crore flick seems to be in troubled waters again because of his new release strategies for the movie. It seems as if the cinema veteran wants to release the movie through DTH (Direct To Home) satellite services on the very same day eight hours before the movie gets released in the big screens!
His new approach of releasing the movie has garnered surprises from all corners of the industry. However, the problem is now being created by the theater owners of the Tamil Nadu state, who threaten Kamal Hassan that if follows the controversial release strategy then they would ban Vishwaroopam from screening the movie in Tamil Nadu.


Vishwaroopam Movie Stills

A well informed source close to the movie unit and the actor says that the Kamal Hassan sold DTH rights to Airtel for 50 Crores and also have plan to release the movie in DTH in overseas too. Vishwaroopam going to release on 11 January and before the release around 8 hours before can see the movie in Airtel DTH of pay 1000 rupees for the show. Tamil Cinema is now in biggest problem that Piracy DVD. Kamal Hassan who always has forward thinking and he propose to release the Tamil movie in Theatres + DTH + Original DVD. According to Kamal Hassan this method would yield more income to the producers. As usual Tamil Cinema always criticizes these plans. Part of the Tamilnadu theatres owners are oppose this plan and they warned Kamalhassan to ban his movie in future.

Vishwaroopam ANdrea and Kamal Hassan

Vishwaroopam ANdrea and Kamal Hassan

Vishwaroopam Kamalhassan and Pooja kumar poster

Vishwaroopam Kamalhassan and Pooja kumar poster

But most of the Tamil Cinema producers who headed under Producer and Director KR are support this plan. Tamil Cinema is now in very crucial time, which this year released movies around 8 Tamil movies only generate the profits and all remaining movies are book heavy loss. The cinema movies which released in theatres are available in private DVD for 30 rupees after some hours of the movie release. Kamal hassan concept of releasing the movie simultaneously in theaters+DTH+DVD is the ideal solution for Tamil Cinema In existence. Kamal Hassan just ignites the light by releasing his Vishwaroopam in DTH. We are sure Tamil cinema will understand his concept will follow soon. Since Kamal Hassan knows Tamil Cinema Business better than anybody.

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