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Published on March 29, 2015

The Sundar C branded Comedy Movie
Kalakalappu, featuring Vimal and Shiva in the lead, is a comeback film for Sundar C as a director. Sundar C, who is well known for his humorous flicks like Ullathai Alli Thaa, has come up with a comic entertainer now, which is a great time for such releases, as one could expect crowds coming to theatres to have some fun this summer. He has canned Kalakalappu in such a way that, the movie would not disappoint the fans of any age group.

Kalakalappu @ Masala Cafe Story
Here is the story of Kalakalappu. Cheenu (Vimal) has a dream of bringing back the past glories of his ancestral restaurant Masala Cafe. However, he has a more important job of stopping his lover Madhavi’s (Anjali) marriage with Vettupuli (Santhanam). In addition to this, his brother Raghu (Shiva), a gambler and a thief, messes up with a local cop. Moreover, Manickam (Subbu) chases 10 crore worth diamonds, which he hid from the customs officers. What happens, when Cheenu, Raghu, the cop and Manickam get into the same line? What happens to Cheenu and Raghu’s love tales?

Laugh is guaranteed
Execution is the point where Sundar C stands out best throughout the movie of Kalakalappu. There are certain sequences where you can find no logic, but you cannot help yourself from laughing out loud because of the scenes’ perfect execution. Another big plus of Kalakalappu is the casting. Sundar C has struck a fine point with his casting, where each actor has done the best he or she can to do justice to their roles.

Santhanam – One Man show after Intermission
In the first half, it is not Vimal but it is Shiva who makes you laugh a lot. However, Santhanam then gets into the show and does his best to make the audiences laugh. His role is slightly under – written, but Santhanam has managed to pull off a great show once again. Vijay Ebenezer’s tunes adhere well to the genre of the movie and the leading ladies, Anjali and Oviya, have acted generously in songs, which involve some skin show.

Overall, Kalakalappu does justice to its genre and does not disappoint the audiences either! Fun guaranteed!

Anjali and Oviya Glamour Photos from KalaKalappu @ Masala Cafe

Hot Cleavage of Anjali and Oviya in Kalakalappu

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