Kadhal Solla Aasai Movie Review – Not Bad!

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Published on April 21, 2015

Kadhal-Solla-Aasai-Stills-5Kadhal Solla Aasai is the latest movie to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The movie stars actor Ashok in the lead role, who has already acted in movies like Murugaa and Pudichirukku. The actor is in search of a big break and is very choosy in committing to the movies. Kadhal Solla Aasai offers him all the room to exhibit his performance, but not enough to make the big numbers of Tamil cinema followers to take a look at.

Kadhal-Solla-Aasai-StillsMahesh (Ashok) falls for Suchi (Washna Ahmed) and expects her to replicate his feelings. However, Suchi is hesitant to do so. Circumstances allow Mahesh to save Suchi’s boss Ravikanth (Ravi Raghavendra) from his enemoies. Ravikanth repays his debt to Mahesh by offering him a job. Mahesh thinks that he can get closer to Suchi with this job offer. However, things take a different turn when Ravikanth’s son enters the scene. What happens to Mahesh’s love forms the rest of the script.

Kadhal-Solla-Aasai-Stills-5Kadhal Solla Aasai is not a movie that can boast about a new storyline. The movie has an ordinary story but the director K S Tamil Seenu surprises the audiences often by making slight improvements in the screenplay. He has tried to improve the scenes as much as he can, so that they do not appear clichéd on screen. Another positive thing about Kadhal Solla Aasai is that there is less violence and more brain work for the lead role.

Kadhal-Solla-Aasai-StillsThe movie, however, has its own fair share of negatives too. The comical sequences are too lengthy and do not provoke laughter as expected. There are some logical questions arising here and there all throughout the screenplay.

With not a very bad screenplay and actors performing to their potentials, Kadhal Solla Aasai is not a bad movie but it is not too good either!



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