Jiiva is in Troubled Waters with Problems in Releasing Mugamoodi

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Published on May 24, 2015

Jiiva is enjoying a successful time in Tamil cinema industry now, as his Nanban did garner good reviews and raked in the moolah in box office. His latest flick is Mugamoodi with the director Mysskin, which is touted to be a superhero action flick. With the trailers and rushes of the movie already released, Mugamoodi is nearing the release date. However, it is not going to be an easy task for Jiiva to convince the film distributors across the state. He has a problem now, albeit in the name of his father!

Yes! Sources say that R B Choudary, one of the successful producers in Tamil cinema industry in and also Jiiva’s father, is the cause for problems pestering the release of Mugamoodi. R B Choudary’s latest flicks Ragalai, which is the dubbed version of Telugu movie Rachha, and the Jiiva – Shriya starrer Rowthiram did not do well in the box office and ended up creating a huge loss for the movies’ distributors. It is a usual tradition followed in cinema industries that producers of flopped movies give compensation sum of money to the distributors. It seems as if R B Choudary too had promised the distributors of his movies a compensation sum of money worth sixty five lakhs!

The problem now is that the distributors of the movies claim that R B Choudary did not keep his promise. According to them, R B Choudary still has not given them the compensation money to cope up with the loss they incurred while releasing Ragalai and Rowthiram. Hence, it seems as if the distributors have decided to boycott his son, Jiiva’s movies to vent out their anger. In addition to Mugamoodi, Jiiva’s Neethane En Ponvasantham, which is directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, is also going to get released in a few months. If the problem is not sorted out, then NEP too will have troubles in its release.

When contacted, R B Choudary claims that he did not promise anyone to pay compensation money and adds that the exhibitors are creating a scene and are causing unnecessary troubles!


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