Ivan Veramathiri Movie Review – Action Packed Entertainer!

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Published on April 3, 2015

Ivan-Vera-Mathiri-Shrabhi-1Ivan Veramathiri is the second outing for actor Vikram Prabhu, who came to the limelight with his first movie Kumki. Ivan Veramathiri is also the second venture for director M Saravanan of Engeyum Eppothum fame. The well promoted movie has hit screens for this weekend and the movie lives up to its promotions.

Gunasekaran (Vikram Prabhu) locks horns with Eeswaran(Vamsi Krishna), who is the younger brother of a politician. Some twists happen and Eeswaran goes missing. A tough cop called Aravindhan (Ganesh Venkatraman) takes charge to find Aravindhan. What Gunasekaran has to do with the missing of Eeswaran? How the politician, Eeswaran’s brother, is connected to this missing? Meanwhile, what happens to Gunasekaran’s love life? Does his love interest Malini (Surabhi) have anything in connection with main plot? Ivan Mathiri’s action packed proceedings have answers for all these questions.

Director M Saravanan’s aim would have been to deliver an action packed entertainer and at the same time his work should stand above the mark and differ from the usual commercial potboilers. In a way or other, the director has achieved his aim. Yes! Just like the title, Ivan Veramathiri, the movie is a bit different and takes the vigilante route to keep the audiences guessing.

Ivan-Vera-Mathiri-Vikram-Orabhu-Shrabhi-2The director’s writing keeps the audience engaging right from the first second of the screenplay and it continues till very last second in climax. However, the proceedings have been hampered by the usual romance track. However, the new girl, Surabhi, does not come as a bore to the movie watchers. The director has also taken her character into account in terms of the main plot as well.

Actor Vikram Prabhu does a neat job in portraying his character and ensures that he can fit to the bill for any type of character. Vamsi Krishna’s performance is another big plus of Ivan Veramathiri.

Overall, Ivan Veramathiri is an engaging and action packed movie and will not disappoint you!



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