Ishtam Movie Review Poor Execution Garners No Ishtam

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Published on May 31, 2012

Telugu movie Yemaindi Ee Vela remake in Tamil as Ishtam
Ishtam, starring Vimal and Nisha Aggarwal, is the remake of the Telugu movie, Yemaindi Ee Vela. The director, Prem Nizar, has tried to give the movie a remake shape so that it suits to the Tamil audiences. It seems like the director wanted the movie to be an urban rom-com, but the lack of proper execution has made no sense to the genre of the movie.

Ishtam Storyline
Ishtam is all about two urban people, Saravanan (Vimal) and Sandhya (Nisha), their typical ‘It’s My Life’ city attitude and so on. The story starts with Saravanan who seeks the help of Sandhya to prepare his resume. However, he fails in getting the job and blames and abuses Sandhya. After sometime, he lands up in another job and now wants to revive his relationship with Sandhya. Sandhya forgives him and slowly their relationship blooms. As their parents oppose their relationship, the couple now marry against their parents’ wishes. However, things do not seem to work well in their married life, and the two drift apart and end up divorcing. Now, is a reunion possible? What happens to Saravanan and Sandhya?

Ishtam Movie Director failed
Ishtam has all the elements that could easily make a good urban rom-com. The casual behaviour of the characters, their self-centred relationships, pre – marital sex between the lead characters are all really the plot points that the director, Prem Nizar, has not missed out in Ishtam. However, it is the area of execution where he fails. Translating the plot into the scenes and characters is what the primary job of a director is, and the director of Ishtam has not done that properly.

Vimal does not suit for this character.
Vimal too finds it difficult to portray the role of Saravanan. The urban style does not suit to the actor very well, or he still needs a bit of homework to do on that. Nisha has the common problem of poor dialogue deliveries. However, Santhanam manages to chill out the audiences.

Overall, Ishtam lacks good execution and you can watch it once if you do not have any other important movie to watch!


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