Isakki Movie Review – Yet Another Madurai Flick!

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Published on February 26, 2015

Isakki-Movie-Stills-4The land of Madurai has become a favorite for many filmmakers in Tamil cinema industry in recent times. After the hit of Subramanyapuram, an array of movies has come with their plot revolving around the Madurai, whose people are known for their valor and affection to family. Especially, in the recent two to three years, so many Tamil movies have come based on Madurai. Isakki is the latest Tamil movie to join this list, which has a theme of love, family and betrayal.

Isakki-Movie-Stills-5Isakki (Sharran Kumar) goes to Madurai city for a job along with his employer. Circumstances make him meet Nandhini (Aashritha) and Isakki falls for her in the first sight itself. Romance brews slowly between the two but as usual problems crop up in their lives. Nandhini’s father is not happy with the development of love in his daughter’s life. To keep her daughter away from Isakki, he plots to kill Isakki. Can Isakki survive this danger? What his past life has to do with the recent developments in his life? The rest of the plot has the answer.

Isakki’s biggest flaw is that it offers nothing to the audiences who pay to watch this movie. The director of the movie, M Ganesan, sticks to the tried and tested formula and takes the already taken routes, which disappoints the audiences. Scenes and characters appear very stereotypical that even the audiences can predict what characters would do on screen. The director, M Ganesan, tries to introduce some twists in the plot, but the overly predictable screenplay makes the twist backfire.

Actor Sharran Kumar tries to give his maximum to his different getups of his role. The debutant actress Aashritha does not make mistakes on screen but this movie has no potential to provide her a break.

Isakki, in short, is overly predictable with too much stereotypical Madurai content!

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