Isai Tamil Movie Review – S J Surya, Sathyaraj and Savithri

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Isai Movie Review
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Published on March 2, 2015

When every one entirely forgot SJ Surya he came up with Isai. The problem with SJ Surya since he tooks lot of portfolio his Isai Movie is very lengthy and it gives so much of tired after viewed around 3 hours. SJ Surya has all skills however time changed.. SJ SUrya needs to his product with power packed (less time ).

Isai Movie Review

  1. mrblack black

    Ivalo pesura neega en our nalla padam edukka koodathu?

  2. Rahul Suresh

    Honest ant correct review for this film

  3. Selva Kumar

    Vijay film na matum nalla sollu da

  4. ganesh mukundhan

    First change your shirt man always wearing a same shirt

  5. gunaandvijay

    Where is yennai arindhaal review? Plz upload

  6. Gangadharan Dhanasekaran

    +tamiltalkies audio mixing is not good for this review

  7. Vicky Vj

    Wondering why people couldn’t accept negative reviews and simply will be
    commenting like “u try to take a movie thn u will knw”…c’mon guys there
    is no any necessary every review shld be in positive manner…. If like
    that most of us shld take movie or short film after watching Anjaan….

  8. Antony Marshall

    Neega kudutha number ku call pana vara evano aduthu wrong number solra ,
    Amathirgala boss neega

  9. Arumugam Senthil

    What happen to touring talkies review ??? I could not locate the video
    or…you are not considering as a movie to review???????

  10. belwix SuGu

    movie nice and this guy lie

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