Isai Tamil Movie Review – S J Surya, Sathyaraj and Savithri

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Isai Movie Review
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Published on March 2, 2015

When every one entirely forgot SJ Surya he came up with Isai. The problem with SJ Surya since he tooks lot of portfolio his Isai Movie is very lengthy and it gives so much of tired after viewed around 3 hours. SJ Surya has all skills however time changed.. SJ SUrya needs to his product with power packed (less time ).

Isai Movie Review


    One of the BEST form SJ SURYA!
    Outdated Generation Wont Understand The Quality of ~ISAI~

  2. safeer ahamed

    Ne yendha movie ku da nalla result solluva vara yella movie um kora
    solrathukuthan ne site open panniya ????

  3. Krishna kumar

    Isai ye ipadi na Touring talkies romba moka. Please put your review

  4. Seepa Nair

    Nice, valid comments on U/A = Unrestricted with Adult Accompaniment. Censor
    Board should be careful about issuing U/A to films. Very good observation.
    Please post the review within the first three hours after release. You can
    save the film or the audience. Delayed review helps none but the Internet
    companies like Google Search and Google Products. :-)

  5. Kaaviyan Subramani

    ஜீ எனக்கு மட்டும் என்ன பில்லி சூன்யம் வச்சீட்டீங்களா என்ன? இந்த
    கிளிப்பிங்ஸ் மட்டும் வால்யூம் சுத்தமா வரலையே ஏன்?

  6. Mohamed Yaseen

    Interesting movie,typical ending,
    But 3:10:00 hour over than many unwanted scenes.It makes one time watch

  7. kavin kumar

    dai dabari thalaya nee i padam censor certificate pathiya da, nee unga amma
    kooda indha padathe poi pathiya illa …

  8. Nitya Priya

    my review …download and see some 5 min Bgrade Marsala clip in YouTube
    and take rest in home….so u will save lot of things…
    S.j SURYA we still have lot of hopes on u ,we preserve some hopes …better
    luck next time

  9. shaikh Jaffar Ali

    there is no audio in the above video
    we verified from IE,Firefox & chrome.
    please the video and upload the video properly.

  10. Dhivakar G

    the movie is very good. S J Suryah has shown his intelligence, its amazing
    how he is adopting to modern audience who accept experiments……Sir i
    dont agrre with your comment “Mudivula thirupthi illa”. Please encourage
    new experiments. This movie deserves to be seen and appreciated…….Every
    actor has acted brilliantly, even the heroine has done a pretty good job !
    I wonder why the reviewer didnt mention about it and also about Ganja
    Karuppu ! All of guys looking for comments – watch this movie for the sheer
    brilliance of S J Suryah 🙂 

  11. Abdul Hameed

    Best Review Teller, We Appreciate you Sir

  12. mohamed salman

    where is the budget reports ?? Tamil talkies only for budget reports but
    now you forget your job.
    only movies reviews?????

  13. Pradeep Rajkumar

    Audio is really bad…

  14. Dinufx

    Super review. Difference between Director and writer-True 🙂 Thaliva konjam
    sikirma review kodunga.

  15. Prakash P K

    நீங்க இனிமே, படம் வெளியிட்ட அடுத்த 3 மணி நேரத்துல review சொன்ன நல்லா
    இருக்கும்….அப்படியாவது நாங்க தப்பிச்சுக்கலாம்ல! :)

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