Is Trisha offered 25 lakhs rupees more for Bikini?

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Published on June 8, 2015

Is Trisha offered 25 lakhs rupees more for Bikini?

Actress Trisha is the one of the most paid actress today in tollywood and kollywood.Her dedicated and simple working skills has worked well for her in the past and hoping to work well for her in the future too. Trisha has got a chance to work with many superstars so far, including the all time great megastar ‘chiranjeevi’. She has achieved a lot of popularity so far by doing good roles and not too many glamorous roles.

The Tamil filmKaavalan” where actor Vijay did the lead role is being remade in Telugu. Trisha is the female lead role in this film. It appears that the producer and director of this film wanted actress Trisha to appear in a glamour role in this film. They want to see her act in a scene with swim suit on. There is news among the cinema circle that actress Trisha has agreed to do this scene. This decision of hers is a real treat for all the film fans as we have not seen her on the silver screen in a swim suit so far. The film world so far as seen this actress acts in films that have a good story line. Infact the tinsel world now is surprised to hear that she had agreed to act in such scenes.

There is also news that the actress had put a clause against her producer that she needs another 25 lakhs if she had to do that role. Well, it is just unbelievable but true. The producer has agreed for the same. This extra amount has made actress Trisha change her mind on doing a role where she will be clad in a bikini.

It has been many times before that the actress was offered such roles but she had denied those. It is the first time that she has said a “yes” to this role.  We cannot see actress Trisha do this in the original version of this film. Sources say that she had greed to do this to win over her competitors and impress her fans. The remake of this version started in the month of April and the actor in the lead role will be Victory Venkatesh.


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