Is Hansika Motwani being Unprofessional?

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Published on February 12, 2015

Hansika-Motwani-Hot-Photos-4Actress Hansika Motwani is a busy bee in South cinema industry and is one of the most happening celebrities in Tamil and Telugu cinema circle. However, that does not keep her away from controversies. The actress has been called as unprofessional by a private cab company after the actress bunked attending their inauguration ceremony recently that happened in Chennai.

Hansika-Motwani-Hot-PhotosHere are the details. Bubbly actress Hansika Motwani has been shooting in Hyderabad and seems to have been approached by a new private cab company based in Chennai. According to the sources from the company, it seems as if the actress was approached to mark her presence for their inauguration ceremony. A contract bond was also signed between the company and actress Hansika Motwani it seems. The source from the company says that Hansika was signed on to be present for their inauguration ceremony and also to user her images and footage for the duration of one month as part of their promotional campaigns. As her remuneration, the actress seems to have charged a bomb and also asked the company to book some surprising number from flight tickets from Hyderabad to Chennai. It seems as if the company obliged to her terms understanding the fact that she has good market value.

Hansika-Motwani-Hot-Photos-8The cob company was taken for a shock a day before the scheduled date on which the inauguration ceremony was supposed to happen, since actress Hansika called to the company organizers and asked them to book many more flight tickets from Hyderabad and Chennai. The sources from the company add that they replied back to the actress that the contract has been signed already and no other demands can be made.

However, the actress seems to have taken her stand and even refused the company to use her images for promotions not more than fifteen days. The company organizers seem to have raised questions against the unprofessional behavior of Hansika, which eventually, resulted in the actress not making her presence for the ceremony.



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