Inga Enna Solluthu Movie Review – Tells Us Nothing Good!

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Published on February 7, 2014

 Inga-Enna- Solluthu-3Inga Enna Solluthu is one of the latest movies to hit the screens. The movie is produced by V T V Ganesh and the support comedian has played the lead role in the movie. V T V Ganesh has also written the script for the movie in addition to producing it but has outsourced the direction to director V Selva. The movie, which reminds us the comedy dramas of the late 80s and early 90s, particularly of S Ve Shekar or Visu, is a complete disappointment. Unable to define itself, the movie lingers along drama, comedy and romcom genres without finding deep narration any one route.

Inga-Enna- SolluthuInga-Enna- SolluthuGanesh (V T V Ganesh) is a middle aged man who is on the way to meet his wife who has met with an accident. He is accompanied by his car driver (Santhanam). Ganesh recounts his life he has lived so far and describes the wrong moves he has taken in his life and says how they have costed him so much. The twist comes in the form of his car driver and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Inga-Enna- SolluthuInga Enna Solluthu lacks the very basic thing that will make a good movie – a sensible script. The narration style is also not new. V T V Ganesh has given no sensible role to any of the actors and their presence are simply used for the convenience of him to finish the script in some way or other. Actor Simbu and actress Andreah Jeremiah have played extended cameo roles in this movie, but they too are not convincing in their roles.

Santhanam’s comedy is no relief for the audiences and V T V Ganesh’s voice based comedy is annoying after a point in the movie. Even actress Meera Jasmine has not got a good role to play.

The bottomline would be ‘Avoid It’!
Inga-Enna- Solluthu
Inga-Enna- Solluthu-3
Inga-Enna- Solluthu
Inga-Enna- Solluthu-3


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