Ileana Bids Adieu to the South

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Published on June 3, 2015

The usual thing has happened again. It is usual that the actresses down the south, after gaining a good amount of reputation, look for the offers from the Bollywood. If the find some meaty role once, and gets some success, then they pack their bags to the Hindi cinema industry bidding adieu to the southern cinema. This usual thing has happened again in the case of southern actress Ileana D’ Cruz. The Nanban actress now claims that Bollywood is her top priority now!

Recently, Ileana met the media people and answered their queries. During the meet she said that she feels so happy in doing the role offered to her in her debut Hindi flick Barfee along with actor Ranbeer Kapoor, directed by director Anurag Basu. For your information, the music of the movie is out already, and the movie is expected to release quickly. She added that, Bollywood is her top priority now ahead of any other southern industries. She also stated that she is working with full force and energy just like any other debutant actress, as Bollywood is still a fresh industry for her.

When the media people asked whether she would not act in southern movies again, she replied that she could not completely abandon the southern movie industries. She added that she owes a lot to the southern cinema industries and that she respects them tremendously. She further stated that she came from a different background and the southern cinema industries accepted her with care and shaped her career with all reputation and success. She went on to say that southern movies so much fun to do. However, she also insisted that she is seeking a good career in Bollywood, as the industry has a wider reach and a global audience.

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