Idhayam Thiraiyarangam Movie Review Too Much Melodrama

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Published on May 20, 2015

It is Solli Adipen Director Movie
Director Ramki Ramakrishnan’s previous flick Solli Adipen featuring Vivekh and Chaya Singh as the lead roles did not find any release date. However, the filmmaker has come up with another movie, Idhayam Thiraiyarangam, with Anand and Swetha playing the lead roles. Idhayam Thiraiyarangam deals with the same century old love story with the director giving room for too much melodrama. Eventually, the movie lacks all the stuff that is necessary to make a cinema watchable.

Idhayam Thiraiyarangam Story
Kumar (Anand) works as a mechanic to earn for his living. He firmly believes that everything in his life happens for a reason. He happens to meet Mahalakshmi (Swetha) and loses his heart to her. After sometime, the love becomes mutual. However, there is a problem that the young couple have to face before marrying each other. The problem is that Mahalakshmi is the daughter of a moneylender, Appu (Kavitha), who strictly opposes the love between the two. Can Kumar do something and make his marriage a possible one?

The too much of Melodrama
In making a movie, all the elements of it have to be in a perfect proportion. Either anything cannot be less than the required amount, or cannot be more. This is the primary job of a director. Director of Idhayam Thiraiyarangam, Ramki Ramakrishnan, has failed to count this fact it seems.

The movie has two things that has become a lot more than the required amount. The first one is the high melodrama. Obviously, the movies with love stories do have some good amount of drama, but Idhayam Thiraiyarangam has exceeding amount of it, which does not entertain the audiences. The second one is the comedy. It is usual that the comedian and the lead actor form the characters of comedy. The problem in this movie is that, the lead role over does it, and the comedian makes comedy out of no comic stuff, which turns out into an irritation for the movie watchers.

The actors too have not given everything onscreen, which adds to the woes of the movie.

Idhayam Thiraiyarangam may hardly get any visitors to its theaters!

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