I do not know Tamil Still – An Irritating Stunt from Sonia Agarwal

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Published on March 5, 2015

The bubbly Sonia Agarwal was imported from Punajab by Selvaraghavan to play lead roles in his films. She had been in the industry for over 8 years. She entered into wedlock with her favorite director in the height of her career and divorced as quickly as possible. Selvaraghavan settled down with another wealthy girl, clearing his debts with her money.

Sonia Agarwal wandered in the industry giving interviews wishing all the best for her past husband. The actress was offered a very small role in the movie “Vaanam” which did not create any great stir as she expected. She tried hard to show she was enjoying life. Her late night parties to her former friends were the talk of the city for quite some time. Now that all the parties are paying back, Sonia had grabbed two movie chances. One is the sexy character in the controversial movie of “Oru Nadigaiyin Vakumoolam” and another in “Matha Pitha Guru”.
I don’t know Tamil Still – An Irritating Stunt from Sonia Agarwal
However, Sonia Agarwal still hopes she can cope up as a heroine in Kollywood carrying her massive weight. Confidential sources said the actress went green with envy hearing her ex husband’s good fortune. She is trying her level best to grab all the roles which come into her way. Sources confirm she is doing a Malayalam film along with Suresh Gopi. She is doing a small role in the film while another heroine plays the main role.

Sonia Agarwal has acted in many Tamil films and lived in Chennai for years. But, she takes pride in telling she doesn’t know how to talk Tamil. Off late she is passing news that she is trying to learn Tamil in a fast pace?! God knows in what language she communicated with her ex and his family members so long. No wonder he divorced her and selected someone who could actually speak Tamil.

It is a fashion among actress to give controversial interviews for the sake of publicity. Recently Kajal got screwed for telling Bollywood media people, she never considered herself as a south Indian Actress. Now it is Sonia Agarwal’s turn to stylishly express “I don’t know Tamil”. Attention Seeman and co. Here is another chick falling willingly into your trap, striving for publicity.


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