I am Tired of Link-up Stories – Says Taapsee!

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Published on May 29, 2015

Tapasee-Pannu-Red-Hot-Stills-2Celebrities and gossips are like ‘friends forever’ and they can never be seperated from each other. Every celebrity goes through hard times whenever the media circulates gossip stories about them. While some stories become true in reality, many remain as just stories and at the end of the day nothing big happens and the celebrities move on. Young and pretty actress seems to have understood this fact and that is why she says that she is tired of all such link-up stories. However, wait. There is more behind her statement.

Tapasee-Pannu-Red-Hot-Stills-2Sources close to Taapsee Pannu say that the actress has been hanging out quite frequently in recent times with a shuttle player called Mathias Boe. The sources say that she is now regularly in touch with the shuttle player and is spending more time with him through her phone and throrugh Twitter. It also seems as if Mathias Boe recelty visited Taapsee during her shooting schedule on the sets in one of her projects. It is after this visit the two have become closer reveal the sources.

Tapasee-Pannu-Red-Hot-Stills-2The actress was available for a comment on this rumor and all Taapsee said is that she is tired of such link-up stories. The actress added that since her inception as an actress in cinema industry, many stories have been circulated involving her. She further said that she has learned how to neglect them and move on.  When particularly asked about the link-up rumor with shuttle player Mathias Boe, she refused to comment anything about the rumor and added that she would always refuse to comment on anything about her personal life.

The rumor mills suggest that Taapsee’s tight lipped behavior on this story seems to be suspicious. We have to wait and watch whether this one turns out to become a reality or just another link-up story.



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