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Published on February 10, 2015

Mahesh Batt the versatile Hindi Director and Producer. His recent movie “Hate Story” creates lot of buzz in Indian movie industry due to Hate Story Heroine Paoli Dam.. This Lean and Sexiest Bangali Actress debuted in Hindi from Hate Story.  Hate Story trailers made huge shock waves and the fans who saw the trailer affected by Paoli Dam Steamy scenes electric effects.. Some media said she is new Mallika Sherawath and some other columinist says she is Indian Sharone Stone and Hate story is Indian Basic Instict..

Anyway here is Paoli Dam Hot Images Gallery to You and Hate Story Trailer too.. View and Tell your comments @ our http://www.facebook.com/dailomo – Dailomo Face book Page.

Hate Story Heroine Paoli Dam Hot Pictures



Hate Story Official Uncensored Trailer



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