Hansika Robbed in Switzerland

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Published on February 12, 2015

Bubbly actress Hansika Motwani has been robbed by an unknown person in Switzerland recently. We all know that Hansika is playing one of female lead roles in the Delhi Belli Tamil Remake Settai opposite Arya. A shooting portion was scheduled in Switzerland and the entire movie unit including actor Arya and Hansika Motwani went there for the shooting. Unfortunately, it started raining during the shooting, and hence, to safeguard her things, Hansika filled her handbag with all her valuables including cosmetics, gadgets and cash. The shooting happened outdoor and her Hansika had kept her handbag inside her car and went for the shooting. When she came back to collect her bag, she was shocked to find her bag missing!

Hansika Robbed in Switzerland
The sources close to the movie unit say that the local coordinator who arranged for the movie shooting had immediately filed a complaint to the local police station regarding the theft. However, since Hansika had to return to India immediately after the shooting, she boarded the flight empty handed and reached Mumbai.
Hansika Robbed in Switzerland
Hansika’s mother was available for a comment regarding the theft news about her daughter. She told us that the first thing that Hansika did after returning to Mumbai was buying again all the things that she lost in Switzerland. She added that the things in the handbag that went missing were her favorite things. She also told that her daughter became very much disappointed and the incident turned out to be a nightmare for her. She further revealed that the loss incurred summed up to fifteen lakhs rupees.
Hansika Robbed in Switzerland

On questioning further, Hansika’s mom said that she and her daughter are very disappointed that the local manager Raja was unable to safeguard their valuables. Although he had filed a complaint in the local police, she said that they are unable to track the complaint number. She also added that since it was a foreign country they could do nothing much and if it was in India they would have managed.


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