Hansika Feeling Nervous for the First Time!

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Published on October 13, 2013

Hansika-Motwani-hot-stills-5Actress Hansika Motwani has recently told the media that she is feeling so nervous. Well! Do not imagine anything so serious or something of that kind. The bubbly actress simply has talked about the nervousness that she had felt when she started playing the lead role in the upcoming movie called Aranmanai, which is being directed by director Sundar C. For your information, after Theeya Velai Seiyanum Kumaru, Hansika Motwani and director Sundar C are joining hands together once again.

Hansika-Motwani-hot-stills-3Aranmanai is said to be a thriller with a mix of supernatural and psychological elements, which is quite unusual from a director like Sundar C, who is well known for coming up with comic capers and commercial family entertainers. Another interesting thing is that the movie seems to be female centric with Hansika Motwani donning the lead role. In addition to Hansika, other beautiful actresses like Lakshmi Rai and Andreah Jeremiah are also playing important roles in this thriller, which has started to roll on floors already. Less known actor Nitin Sathya who played important roles in movies like Chennai 600028 and Saththam Podathae is also playing a significant role in Aranmanai.

Tweeting about her role in Aranmanai, the Singam 2 actress has said that she has never played such a role in her cinema career. She added that this is quite an important role in her career, which she believes would establish her as an actress who is capable of pulling off stunning performances rather than just appearing on screen with colorful wardrobes in namesake lead roles. She continued that it is because of the importance of this role and because of the woman centric nature of Aranmanai, she felt quite nervous when she first started shooting for the role. She further added that she is really excited to be a part of this project!




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