Hansika and Simbu Caught in Love Rumor!

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Published on June 3, 2015

Simbu-Hansika-in-Vaalu-MovieCinema stars really find it tough to deal with the gossip bugs and birds in the cinema industry. They very easily get caught in the link up rumors, which become good stories for the fans. While Tamil cinema stars have undergone such things in recent times, here is the latest one, which comes as a surprise rumor in the industry. Bubbly actress Hansika Motwani is said to be linked up with actor Simbu in a love affair, but the actress has given a strong denial that she is in love with no one.

Santhanam, Hansika, Simbu in Vaalu Movie StillsActress Hansika and actor Simbu are now working together in two movies in Tamil cinema industry. Vettai Mannan and Vaalu are the two movies, for which the two stars have been together for a long time and spending good amount of time with each other. Their casual meets and spending too much time along with each other have caught the attention of the gossip birds in the industry and the rumor mills are now producing stories that Hansika is in love with Simbu.
Simbu-Hansika-2Simbu, Hansika at Vaalu Director Vijay Chander Birthday Celebrations Stills
The bubbly actress, however, laughs off at such rumors with a tone of sarcasm. The actress says that she loves reading such gossips featuring her, especially those rumor link ups with her co stars, since she is amazed at reading what is absolutely new and unknown to her. The actress also strongly denies that she is in love with no one right now and further adds that when she finds love with someone, she would reveal it to the media at the right by herself.
The actress also seems to have a mature way of handling such rumor link ups. The actress says that such rumors are part and parcel of the celebrity life and she has no issues in dealing with them. The actress, however, says that she is only afraid whether any wrong news would reach to her fans about her through such media rumors.

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