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Published on May 22, 2015

Anushka Shetty
Actress Anushka is eagerly waiting for her next release “Deiva Thuirumagal” which is all set to release on July 15th. The actress known for her glamour in all her movies plays the part of a professional lawyer in this movie. There is no doubt for anyone this is a Vikram’s movie. But Anushka is confident her role will be noticed even without her glamorous contributions. Amala Paul also plays a lead role in the movie. Anushka does not have anything to comment on it.

The story of the movie had been discussed in numerous sites already. Vikram plays the role of a mentally retarded person fighting for the custody of his only child. Anushka plays the role of his lawyer and Amala Paul plays the role of his wife. Santhanam is his friend who takes care of the comedy in the film. The trailer of the movie has created quite a stir. The slow motion song sequence showing Anushka in the white gown and the colors splashing all around her, had created a lot of expectancy among her fans.

Anushka had done a lot of homework for the role and given her best with full dedication. The crew of the film is literally delighted to work with her. The actress hadn’t accepted any other film in Tamil as of now. But it is said she had increased her call sheet rate considerably recently. However, the producers do not mind giving her the extra money, as she will compensate for that with her glamour.

Anushka recently agreed to do a film for her old make-up man. The man had promised Anushka she will become number one someday, long before she became successful in films. He had also got her word that she should take care of him, in his old age. The actress has agreed to act in his film without any salary. Aushka’s good hearted act is praised by the whole industry. It seems that our actresses are becoming social minded suddenly. Shreya opens spa run by partially blind people and now Anushka acts free for old friendship. The lead ladies seem to be beautiful both inside and outside.


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