Gaantham Movie Review This magnet is repelling rather than attracting

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Published on April 29, 2015

Gaandham-movie-Stills-111A movie with the genre of sports is a rarity in Tamil cinema industry. A couple of years ago, Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu came out, which had its base on the Indian sport, Kabaddi. Except this flick, one can find no other flick with sports as the main theme in Tamil cinema. Gilli had a bit of sport, again Kabaddi, in its plot with the right proportion of commercial elements like love and fast screenplay. In Gaantham, director Sharavanan has tried to mix both sports and love together. However, inappropriate proportions always result in a bad mixture, and Gaantham is an example for that.

Gaantham Story
Gautham (Tej) is a happy go lucky type of person. He falls in love at first sight, when he sees Nisha (Rashmi). He desperately wants to win the heart of Nisha and marry her. He ends up finding that she is a part of a football team. Fortunately, Nisha’s football team coach is Gautham’s brother in law, Rajesh. Now, Gautham tries to find ways to win the heart of Nisha with the help of his brother in law. Will Gautham succeed in his attempt?

Boring  is Ganantham movie punch line?
In Gaantham, nothing works fine to entertain the audiences. There is no unique scene in the movie, and all the sequences give a sense of boringness to the audiences. For an instance, the director introduces his lead role with a fight and a song follows this sequence. However, right since the time of MGR, Tamil cinema has witnessed such sequences.

Gaantham Director Please study ScreenPlay Class Again.
The screenplay plays the spoilsport in Gaantham, which lacks pace and good execution. Much to the woes, the editing of the movie too seems to have not helped the screenplay even a bit. It seems as if, the director has tried to increase the runtime of movie by canning lengthy scenes, which adds no value to the plot. Even after such attempts, the runtime has not crossed the mark of two hours, but that is not an issue. The real issue is the screenplay and the movie succumbs to it.

Final Verdit – Megnet fails to attract
Casting is another big issue of Gaantham. Even the much-experienced Pandiarajan fails to entertain the movie watchers. In one line, Gaantham is a magnet that will repel the audiences in every possible way!

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