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Published on April 22, 2015

Eththan – A Neat Entertainer | Eththan movie review

“Kalavini” fame Vimal is back again in a similar role. The film is a neat comedy drama and a family entertainer. Good for Viimal as of now. But audience will get bored quite soon if he continues to pay similar roles. Eththan is produced by Nazir. Sanusha is the cute heroine. Singam Puli, Mano Bala, M. S. Bhaskar and many other characters are present. Music is composed by Taj Noor. The songs are mediocre. Background music scores better.

Vimal rose to fame overnight with the national award winning film “Pasanga”. His eccentric innocence in the film bought many other similar chances for him. “Kalavani” and “Thoonga Nagaram” which followed also earned a lot in box office. Now we have Eththan. It seems like we are watching the film “Kalavani” for the second time. The story line of “Eththan” and the background are quite different. But the mannerisms of Vimal are so similar. The story of the film goes like this.

Sathyamurthy is the eththan who try to outwit everyone. Vimal fits into the part of Sathya perfectly. He is a young man, trying to do business. But unfortunately, failure is his only friend awaiting him in any venture. As he is suffering from the clutches of debt, the heroine Sanusha comes into his life. Her gold chain is used by the clever Sathya to settle his problem for a short time. But the girl gets misunderstood to be his lover. Her family arranges for a hurried marriage fearing her false affair. Sathya manages to help her come out of the house, falls in love with her and wins in life at the end.

A humorous simple story set in the backdrops of Kumbakonam. The story fails to create impact as we have seen so many films with the same actor and same story many times. Only the incidents are different. We can guess what will happen scene by scene. Familiar humor is the main drawback of the film. Natural characters like Vimal’s father Jayaprakash and the new heroine Sanusha draws our attention a lot. The second half of the film is quite fast paced. The screenplay is a great plus point for the film. Viimal fans will like the film a lot.


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