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Published on May 5, 2015

Love is same everywhere and is common to all, but still, directors have to innovate new scenes and sequences to make love look new and beautiful on screen in their movies. The directors who have made some remarkable love movies have always adhered to this fact. However, the director of Etho Seithai Ennai, J Elvin Bosser, fails to take care of this fact, and the result is that, his movie has too many clichés that any average movie watcher can predict what is going to happen further in the movie.

It is the usual love at the first sight for Arjun (Shakthi) when he sees Shalini (Liya). And as usual, Shalini is not interested in Shakkthi. However, just as it happen in many movies, after coming to know about the goodness of his heart, she too falls for him. Another cliché is that, Shalini has an uncle, Nambi (Anand), who is a big shot and a dreadful goon. When Nambi comes to know about Shalini’s relationship with Arjun, things become harder for the couple to further their love on each other. Can Arjun overcome Shalini’s uncle’s opposing of their love?
Cinema is an art of creation. After watching Etho Seithai Ennai, one would definitely ask what the director has done something creative or innovative in this flick. There are too many clichés in the movie, right from the pace and the sequences. At times, songs help the movies to garner the audience attention. However, in this flick even the popping up of songs along the way is placed unevenly, which disgusts the movie watchers.

The character Shalini giving in to the feelings of the Arjun is stretched too far and it actually happens only in the second half, which indeed, tests the patience of the audience.

Shakthi, who already faced a debacle with Aatta Nayagan, is yet to improve as an actor. However, Liya and Anand have done their part well.

Overall, Etho Seithai Ennai is a disappointing show with too many clichés. Do not bet your money!

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