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Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo-Com
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Published on March 3, 2015

Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo ComEnnamo Nadakkuthu, directed by debutant Rajapandi, is a movie with lots of pace, action, drama and more. The film that runs for around 2 hour 8 minutes will keep you on the edge of your seat and it is the fine tamil masala entertainer that you can enjoy in the theater. The cast includes Vijay Vasanth, Mahima, Prabhu, Saranya, and Thambi Ramaiya, each playing his or her part adequately in order to make the movie receive a positive review.

The film has pace, it has the required twist and turns and it has entertaining music too. All in all a hit combination of action, drama and romance can be seen in the movie. The surprise twist in the climax is something to watch for.

Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo ComThe story of the film begins in North Madras where Vijay (Vijay Vasanth), a contractor for sticking film posters falls in love with a nurse Madhu (Mahima). The role of Madhu is not just of an eye candy but there is more to it. Vijay is attached to his mother played by Saranya Ponvannan in his own way. He sometime beats her up and then solves the problem with her favorite Birityani. The problem starts when Vijay gets caught between corrupt politician Burma, played by Rahman and businessman Parthipan played by Prabhu. His girlfriend gets kidnapped for ransom and he has to save her some way. This leads us to the climax which is interesting for sure and you will have to visit the theatre to unfold it.

All the characters in the movie played their roles quite well not only with the dialogues but also with the body language. The action sequences were choreographed well but some of them looked over the top. Saranya Ponvannan’s character had shades that she played quite well. All in all it is a movie that you can enjoy and the pace will be quite thrilling.

Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo Com
Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo Com
Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo Com
Ennamo-Nadakuthu-Stills-at Dailomo Com


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