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Published on May 8, 2015

SriDevi in English VinglishEnglish Vinglish would be a special movie really for many who were youngsters in the 1980s and 1990s. The reason is that, the movie’s lead role is performed by yesteryear actress Sridevi, who is always considered as one of the most successful heroines in Indian cinema industry. The charisma and the fan base that Sridevi carried along with her was emphatic during that timeline, and till date no other actress has cast that magical spell in the minds of their followers. However, returning to the cinema industry after fifteen years, Sridevi’s role is not just the usual commercial one. Her role is so intelligently written by director Gauri Shinde that goes hand in hand with the plot of the movie perfectly.

Ajith Kumar and SriDevi in English Vinglish

Ajith Kumar does cameo role in SriDevi‘s English Vinglish

SriDevi in English Vinglish

SriDevi in English Vinglish

Here is the plot of English Vinglish. Sashi (Sridevi) is an average upper middle class woman who mothers two children. She is known among her circle for making Laddoos deliciously. However, she lacks one skill that forms the base for rest of the plot – English! Circumstances force her to move to United States of America to assist her sister for a family wedding! However, since she could not speak in English, she becomes the center point of all the wits and jokes teasingly made by her family members. In addition to this, Sashi also gets exposed to multi cultural society of America. Can she tackle all the things there?

Ajith and Sridevi in English Vinglish

Ajith and Sridevi in English Vinglish

Gauri Shinde
, who was an ad filmmaker initially, has debuted with English Vinglish for the first time as a feature filmmaker. She succeeds so greatly in her first attempt. Her hard work in making the movie replicates so well as the movie has come out thoroughly enjoyable, yet giving the audiences some food for their knowledge. The plot is intelligently written, which gives a feel of simplicity yet engaging and witty too!
SriDevi in English VinglishEnglish-Vinglish-Movie-Stills-8
Sridevi’s comeback would definitely please her fans and all the movie watchers as she has lived as Sashi on screen. Her body language shows the depth of her characterization. Clearly, she is the highlight of the movie.
English Vinglish also looks like the feel-good type, which definitely will please all types of movie watchers. Ajith’s special and interesting cameo is another bonus in the flick!

Feel good flick, Sridevi and Ajith cameo – what else one needs to watch in a movie? English Vinglish – Definitely, a must watch one!

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