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Published on February 7, 2015

“Engeyum Kadhal”, the much awaited love story of the year has arrived fairly late. The film was expected to be released for Valentine’s Day. It was postponed to be released in March and finally it is on screens now in May. The movie is very entertaining. But it is not a great holiday treat. The movie revolves around the love of Hansika Motwani and Jayam Ravi. “Kayalvizhi” is the name of the heroine. How nice! After hearing so many westernized names, this beautiful Tamil name sounds so pleasant.

It is not a usual, boy falling for girl story. The character for Hansika Motwani is sculpted with some self-respect, unlike the usual heroine characters in Tamil cinema. Hansika looks great in the move. Jayam Ravi also has undergone a major makeover. Hansika is the daughter of Suman running a detective agency in Paris. Jayam Ravi works hard for eleven months in a year and parties for one month in a foreign country. He visits Paris and spends his time happily with many girls.

Hansika Motwani falls for him at first sight. She is teased by Jayam Ravi who does not want to have any commitments. Hansika decides to take things in her control. In a rather interesting interval when everyone including the hero expects Hansika to propose him, she just wishes him happy journey and turns her back on him. Jayam Ravi comes back after some time to see Hansika enjoying life following his own philosophy of no love and no commitment. The hero goes crazy when he comes to learn about the heroine’s boyfriends list. However, he hires a detective to find out whether she is saying the truth.

The detective happens to be the heroines father Suman, who persuades Jayam Ravi to leave his daughter, as he has better plans for her future. The hero leaves Paris again with a heavy heart, but is unable to concentrate on business or any other activity. He is so besieged with self-pity. Finally he gathers his guts and travels back to propose to her and happy ending as usual.

The theater response to the story was mixed. The story will be well received in Cities. Many people dint understand the indirect scenes and the actual flow of the story. Anyway it is a nice try from Prabu Deva. You can watch the move once, when you are free.


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