Endrendum Punnagai Movie Review – Breezy, Feel Good and Emotional!

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Published on June 8, 2015

actor-jeeva-endrendrum-punnagai-stills-1.jpgEndrendum Punnagai, the movie which has an ensemble cast of actors Jiiva, Vinay Rai and Santhanam and beautiful actresses like Trisha and Andrea Jeremiah, is one of the latest movies to hit the screens for this weekend in Tamil cinema industry. First time director I Ahmed has director Endrendum Punnagai, which, much like its title, is a breezy, feel good and romantic and emotional entertainer.

actor-vinay-endrendrum-punnagai-movie-stills-1.jpgEndrendum Punnagai is all about friendship, love and the emotions of these two relationships told to the audiences in a light hearted manner. Gautham (Jiiva), Sri (Vinay Rai) and Baby (Santhanam) are three friends who are very close since their childhood. Gautham, who hates women because of his unusual past, thrusts his views on women on his friends and all the three come to a pact that they remain friends forever and that they will not fall in love with any girl. However, Sri and baby fall in love eventually, which makes cracks in their relationship with Gautham. What happens between the three? Does Gautham sticks to his thoughts on women or does they change?

The first half of the movie goes on with introducing the characters in a funny and light hearted way. The movie takes time for proceedings but still it does not halt anywhere and one does not get the feeling that the movie appears boring. The well written script by director I Ahmed and good characterization and Santhanam’s sensible comedy makes the movie vey engaging and very light hearted too.

The second half of Endrendum Punnagai has a beautiful romantic track, woven with well shot scenes and songs. Again, the feel good factor plays the engaging role here and even the characters are the do-good-always types, which makes the audiences feel happy throughout the runtime.

Cinematographer Mathi has done a great job in capturing the high lifestyle characters in exotic locales. All the actors have played their well written part in a great way without a mess.

Endrendum Punnagai is not regrettable in anyway and is very good entry for director I Ahmed!



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