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Published on March 17, 2015

Enakkul Oruvan, released on March 6, 2015, is a Tamil movie belonging to the psychological thriller genre. An official remake of the Kannada movie “Lucia” (2013) (directed by Pawan Kumar), this new Tamil release is directed by the debutante Prasad Kumar. Produced by Thirukumaran Entertainment and C.V. Kumar, Enakkul Oruvan stars Siddharth (playing Mukil) and Deepa Sannidhi (playing Thivya).

Besides the lead pair, the cast of the movie comprises Srushti Dange, John Vijay, Aadukalam Naren, Yog Japee, Ramdoss, Mahadevan, Ajay Rathnam, Uday Mahesh, Vettri, and Amit Bhargav. Written by Pawan Kumar, Enakkul Oruvan has been edited by Leo John Paul. Gopi Amarnath has handled the cinematography and Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music.
Psychological thrillers need to be conveyed in as convincing a manner as possible. Before entering the theater, the audience might wonder whether Enakkul Oruvan has managed to achieve that. The confusing plot of the movie has been over-compensated by an amazing performance from Siddharth. This actor seems to have come a long way, having dished out an incredible performance in Enakkul Oruvan. Deepa Sannidhi, the newcomer, is impressively convincing. Her talents, if not properly used, have chances of getting wasted in Tamil films.

The movie is technically sound and has good production value. The complicated screenplay, though neatly pulled off, manages to partially confuse the general viewers and plays a major role. Enakkul Oruvan is a movie that demands the complete attention of viewers, keeping them engrossed throughout. Background scores by Santhosh are fresh, suiting all the scenes quite effortlessly. Amarnath’s camerawork is a huge positive that plays a major role. Leo John Paul deserves a special mention as his editing makes this movie highly interesting. The movie could have turned chaotic, if not for intelligent editing by Leo.

Enakkul Oruvan is a unique and brave attempt. The debutante director has done a brilliant job in handling the difficult task of convincingly conveying this non-linear film which has turned out to be a clear-cut winner delivered by a fantastic team.

Review about recently released movie enakkul oruvan which has siddarth , srusti dange and many other playing the lead role, cinematography for enakkul oruvan is done by gopi amarnath, editing done by leo john paul, enakkul songs and BGM is composed by santhosh narayanan, and is directed by prasad ramar.

  1. Vinoth Kumar

    dai mokka movie da..kanada la movie hit but tamil waste..Review correcta

  2. palani k

    Sir,please male the review short

  3. Hem Shanth

    almost for all movies – length of the movie could have been shorten for 10
    mins.. Why are you using this word soo often

  4. thushyanthan kulasabanathan

    mokka review !!!

  5. Siva M

    Seems,This reviewer doesn’t have brain to understand the
    story&characters.Because he usually reveal the complete story of the
    film.This time he didn’t talk about the story&characters travel.Because it
    needs complete attention and brain to understand.Otherwise u need fellows
    help to understand.U have to watch this film in good sound theater.Hello
    reviewer, if u understand story, pls tell me which characters are true and
    which characters are false? This film is remake(Lucia,Kannada).Agreed. But
    the reviewer may heard about the remake but didn’t watch the original.If he
    cant understand the tamil one,its very difficult for him to understand the
    original.Though the original characters are revealed in the climax, still
    many cant understand the real&false characters.Interesting film,need
    patience&complete attention.There is one more stupid called Tamil Talkies,
    I am sure he cant understand the single character of the movie.W/o
    understanding he will thrash the movie. That stupid tamil talkies suitable
    only to review village mindless mass masala movies.He cant review such
    brainy film.The film wont do well at BO, bcoz of its complicated plot. B&C
    centers will be washed out on 2nd day. Tamilians wont like this kind of
    movies. But, Good attempt by Thirukumaran Entertainment. 

  6. Venkatesh R

    Don’t smile and talk about a great mans death u fucking guy my shit

  7. Bhuvanesh Kumar

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    Whenever you post your f****ng video anywhere I’ll keep giving negative
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    earn through your ass not on begging. Why is your cheek so bloted? Do you
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    Jobless shit 

  8. yuvaraj saravanan

    Nice review. 

  9. Harish C

    Unga vimarsanam parthu nambi pogalama prasanth sir. Padam Mokka podaathe? 

  10. Nawab Khan

    good review

  11. selva vignesh

    Gud review bro…aana inum konjam nalla rating kuduthurukalam for the
    concept…but overall a good review keep rocking……

  12. navap ramuk

    love your reviews!!!!

  13. safi yudeen

    Nee kaasu vangitu pesure..
    Na namba maten

  14. rizy82

    Janaranjagam doesn’t mean more people, it means enjoyable or entertaining
    to masses. You always seem to relate that word to more people, that’s dumb.

  15. tamilcinemareview

    #Enakkuloruvan – 3.5/5 , interesting thriller that demands lot of your

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